Business key: its ability to execute growth projects

B2B marketing to sell more and better: know the keys.

At ImpaKta we believe that marketing exists to sell more and better, so the fronts of action must be aligned to generate impact on the business and goals fulfillment. Marketing must work to strengthen commercial area, taking care of financial goals while approaching and guiding the company to the market, including technical and production areas.

​Regarding the scope of Marketing function, it is important to have two clear fronts:

1-Map and market monitoring: useful knowledge to make decisions.

This activity is done methodically and with clear reports that allow us to understand the market and its behavior: e.g. raw materials, imports and price movements , market / customer opportunities, business competition or technological changes.

2- Market communication: Image and how we sell.

Image is the Brand´s management = corporate identity.  Every contact points with the outside should be taken care of and aligned (brochures, website, digital presence, presentations, formats, work site, etc.). The consistency of the brand and well done positioning projects support, seriousness and allows to build brand value over time and each front (customers, suppliers, employees, banks …)

3- Customer relationship: key to profitability

Programs that support customers care and profitability must be designed and implemented from marketing including: pareto shielding / protection of customers, loyalty programs, customer service as added value, profitability segmentation … etc. Taking care of these three key fronts: KNOWLEDGE, BRAND / COMMUNICATION and CUSTOMERS we ensure that the company is market oriented and builds growth solid bases. Let’s see how b2b services  profitable growth is being worked from Marketing.

Profitable growth: Projects

It is important to work from the opportunity to develop growth projects following the market orientation, which we can classify according to this Ansoff matrix:

Having the opportunity and the strategy, the projects are clearly designed on: goals, resources needed, activities and the execution schedule. For each project we can work with multi-disciplinary teams and create different organization monitoring and learning methods looking  for increase the chances of success.