Business key: its ability to execute growth projects

2017 begins with the need to grow the business, an initial plan and the imperative of good execution to obtain results. Companies have clarity about market and growth opportunities, maybe there are projects and the fronts of action to grow are identified and that must be strengthened internally to achieve it. The team that leads a business hardly lacks ideas or initiatives, the limitation is often the ability to execute.


The commercial human resource / business development, the talent that thinks about what to do and how to do it has priorities … there is the day-to-day, each month closing ,key clients, operational problems, portfolio tensions or the time spent in meetings and building reports. These tasks are the basis of the operation and are basics to bill and grow at a moderate pace.

Idea: Expand execution capacity

Having an external resource specialized in key projects marketing and development for growth can make the difference between a good and an excellent result this year.

A good external consultant / executor with a managerial vision: enters the company, understands the need, structures the project, executes it and makes the necessary follow-up / support

Key Advantages:

Focus on results because there is a defined scope. -New and independent vision, thinking from the market. -Does not increase fixed costs.

Project examples:

To strengthen communication and commercial tools such as sales guides, catalogs, presentations, digital marketing, events and fairs, Introduction of new products / solutions, open new customers and channels, analysis of opportunities: “market map”.

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Lina Gomez