Growth and profitability strategy: know your market and adapt your value proposition

It is very common for industrial companies to build their value proposition based on a high quality line of products and the technical service they can offer. This is valid and is the basis for building special proposals  such as cases where the customer requires a special product or service and this can be charged.

But the analysis can be taken a step further to seek closer proximity to the market, more satisfied customers and improved profitability. The strategic segmentation of customers with this objective begins with key variables like: purchase volume, potential volume, sale price, customer profitability. Given this, large groups can be made and deepened to understand issues such as: growth potential, buying behavior, costs of serving the customer… .etc. With this clear map, we can understand what is the ideal value proposition (and cost) for each segment, where to focus resources, where adjustments can be made to lower care costs … etc.

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