Talk about the product vs. of the solution you can give to that client

Talk about the product vs. about the solution you can give to that client.

When we receive a lot of information, we are increasingly demanding to choose what we are going to focus our attention on … and this attention is the beginning of any business relationship. We need the customer to be interested in what we tell him.

Thinking about this it is very important that business marketing and commercial communication maximizes possibilities of being effective. Thus, we always have to go om  FROM THE MARKET, who are my clients, what are their needs and a focused segmentation with questions like these: eg what matters more: quality, availability, delivery times, technical support … etc? How do you use the product? What value does my product generate for your final process or product? Or is it necessary to develop a unique product for the customer?

With this clear segmentation and the market knowledge we get we can design greater impact communication pieces. Brochures, cover letters, commercial presentations … etc.

This  evolution in companies communication should be led by Marketing supported by the commercial and technical team.

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Lina Gomez