What Impakta does for B2B companies

We understand the business and the opportunity with a strategic vision.
Based on robust methodologies, we develop marketing and communications plans and projects.
We offer project execution and support to guarantee results.


Director and consultant Impakta

Lina Gómez Gutiérrez

Over 15 years strengthening B2B companies’ competitive capabilities as an executive, manager and now as a consultant. I specialize in strategic marketing and high impact communication for B2B companies. 

I directed the marketing and communications efforts in companies such as Filmtex Group, Biofilm, 3M Colombia and Espumlátex, having a wide exposure to industrial markets in Colombia, Latin America and the USA.

5 years ago, I developed Impakta because this is my passion.

I am a Business Administrator from Boston University and I have a master’s degree in Marketing and Sales Management from the IE Business School in Madrid. I have complemented my training in leadership, communication, digital marketing, sales team management, consultative sales, innovation and entrepreneurship.

What is Impakta's approach?

Results are achieved working on these three fronts.

Some outstanding projects carried out for B2B SMEs

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Impakta solutions portfolio

Strategy and projects: these are the 4 high impact services for B2B companies

Strategic consulting

Impakta works with a robust and proven methodology that generates value for the company.

There are 3 stages that are developed with the management, the team, and are complemented with research and market field work.

PreK: understanding the business in depth

Close up to the company´s market reality, it´s environment and business objectives.

It includes:  In-depth review of the business, the market and the opportunity. Strategic alignment with the management on business vision and objectives.

K1: Actionable strategic plan

We develop a strong strategic marketing and communications plan and budget. It details concrete actions, projects and activities focused on strengthening company´s competitive capabilities.

2: Action!

Using effective communication, the team is involved, committed and motivated with the new plan. We develop a customized management tool that allows for effective control and implementation monitoring.

Duration estimate: 2 – 4 months

Personalized workshops developed for entrepreneurs and B2B managers who want to boost their business supported by marketing and communication.

It is a practical format to get the value of a specialized consultancy, effective methodologies transfer and good practices.

Workshops for management or work teams.

Workshop examples:
  • Market communication plan and strategy.
  • Internal communication strategy.
  • Communication strategy and key pieces for specific needs like key potential customers, partners or board of directors.
  • Marketing capabilities: diagnosis and improvement plan.

How does it work?

1. Executive meeting to understand the business situation and define the workshop objectives.

3. “K Workshop” document delivery, conclusions and action plan.

2. Boost K Workshop: A focused and productive workday.

4. One-month support: Availability for consultation and a final follow-up meeting.

Project planning and execution

Impakta delivers the strategy, plan and execution of growth-oriented projects.

There are 4 key areas that determine B2B sales success. According to this vision, these are the objectives that Impakta achieves for your company:

Optimize sales strategy and efficiency

Develop new customer and market.

Shield pareto customers.

Launch new products and services.

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Excellence in communication is a key element that allows strategic impact on the market and the company culture. Impakta works in partnership with Agencia Central, an independent advertising agency, that supports the quality of these projects with great talent and experience. Strategy, design and creativity focused on B2B companies.

Impakta takes your B2B communication to the next level

Impakta takes your B2B communication to the next level
​Brand and corporate image
Renew, create or strengthen brands to maximize impact and value.
B2B digital marketing
Take advantage of business digital development possibilities.
Internal communication
Align, motivate and engage the team.
B2B sales communication
Develop effective sales tools bringing the company closer to the market.

Impakta experience

“Impakta, directed by Lina Gómez, has demonstrated the best ability to understand business-to-business sales needs, to create the most impactful communication and to build the right strategies according to each business need.”


Impakta has developed and executed more than 25 high-value projects for companies in several industries such as construction, packaging, laboratory equipment and supplies, plastic manufacturing and business services.

As an executive partner specialized in marketing and communication, I work closely with the client’s team and business to build relationships of trust and added value.

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